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Fenrir Greyback

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9/20/11 04:24 pm - Owl to Remus

[Letter and attached box are warded against anyone else reading/seeing what's inside. Only Remus can open it.]


I thought you'd enjoy these lovely cookies I baked for you. Don't they look delicious?

[Left unsigned]

box attachedCollapse )

9/6/11 06:05 am - Owl to Tom


I still can't believe you wanted to return to that place despite all your reasons.

The house is dull quiet now. Not sure how much I like it.

Let me know when you'll need me.


8/25/11 08:30 pm - BFF Bonding Time

Who: The Dark Trio (Fenrir, Tom, and Bella)
Open? Nope.
When: Some time today.
Where: Fenrir's place.
What: BFF bonding time! Oh, and Fenrir ignoring that it's his birthday. Ug, getting old.

Wheee!Collapse )

3/16/11 11:54 pm

Lupin. I hear this weekend will be fun.

2/17/11 01:13 am - Owl

Morning owl to Remus LupinCollapse )

2/14/11 10:12 pm - Valentine Cards

Delivered to TomCollapse )

Delivered to BellaCollapse )

Delivered to RemusCollapse )

2/2/11 01:57 pm

Tom, Bella -- I am unavailable after dinner tonight. I will, however, make sure I am back at a reasonable time.

1/29/11 06:18 pm - Owl to Remus

Remus John Lupin,

No threats.

The 19th is a wonderful day, but if you would rather ... not do so one a night where either of us might get ill, the 2nd will be okay. I suppose I could handle that. Maybe.


1/5/11 08:33 am - Notes.

[Unsigned note to Remus]

It's a new year, pup. Let's not spoil it, yes? If you go to the kitchens, the house elves will fall over each other trying to serve you. They fear carnivores.

[To Bella]

You are not allowed to take me to a party full of Gryffindors again. I swear I saw nothing but those colors when I got home and it sickened me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy red, but that was too much.

[To Tom]

You know what would kill those disgusting displays the Gryffindors give each other? Taking one of their own. Do you think we can stomach befriending one of them?

12/16/10 08:11 pm

Hiding my journal was not the best way to get my attention, whoever you are. I tend to have a temper on me.

Bella, Tom... we might have to go hunting for this person later.
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